New release of Magento 2

Adobe has released a new version of Magento 2.4.6. Should be again faster, better and more stable. We have couple of notes on that from the developer/integrator perspective.


PHP 7 support was dropped and 8.2 was added. The 7.4 EOL was in November 2022 but technically it died in December 2021. So it's not a surprise that it was dropped. Nevertheless there are still tons of projects running on 7.4 which will also have to upgrade their current codebase to 8.2.

Also support for Composer 1 was dropped. Composer 2 is now required.


Zend Framework 1 is still present in M2, nevertheless some of its components were removed. Namely:

ComponentReplacementMajor impact
filters in Magento\Framework\Filter namespace
HTTP adapter in Magento\Framework\HTTP namespace
Zend_Validatelaminas-validatorMagento_Framework, Magento_Store, Magento_User
technically everywhere, where validation used

Some of above changes might have negative impact on your apps as these are backward incompatible. Therefore test properly after upgrading. The validator is used heavily so it's quite likely that you will have to fix something.


There are 2 new packages included in Adobe Commerce:

Bolt Quick checkout

Although it's under development since August 2022 when v1.0 was released, this is the very first time I've noticed it. You must have Bolt account (logically) and set it up accordingly in Magento admin. Then you can leverage the Bolt checkout seamless integration.

Adobe I/O Events for Adobe Commerce

Integration with Adobe I/O Events bundled as a metapackage. If you need to integrate CRM or PIM in a modern way, this might be the way to go. It's a event driven communication between Adobe Commerce and Adobe I/O Events (which can be used to integrate with other application). This might be game-changer for some applications.


There are again hundreds of fixes in this release (and most probably hundreds of new bugs). But for me the most interesting are:

  • bin/magento setup:di:compile -vvv now shows some info on failure
  • static content deploy timeout failure was removed
  • composer install will not rewrite .gitingore file anymore
  • search results seems to be more accurate

Is it worth upgrading?

Well, it depends. If you run cloud instance, you have no choice and will be forced to upgrade quite soon. If you run your own instance, you can wait for a while (at least for the 1st patch release).

This release is not loaded with new features but some annoying issues were fixed so I'd consider the upgrade.

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