Custom software development

Whether you find a developer for your new project, or you need to solve some technological problems, we find the ways to shift your project to another level.


What we do?

Do you have a problem to solve? We will ask you the right questions, help you find the answers and propose a solution. Which technology to choose, how to optimize your online shop speed. How to technically optimize your application to meet the task requirements and your aims.
Custom software

Specific solutions of unique problems


Consultancy and development support


Cutting-edge PIM, CMS, DAM and e-commerce platform

Python development

Solutions based on favourable language


It runs 80%. Can handle your projects as well.

Magento 1 & 2

We develop Magento solutions since 2014

How do we work?

Since 2005 we have developed sturdy processes

Getting to know each other

Before we are able to help you, first we must know you. And you business. Let’s analyze it in details and find the exact solution suitable for your project together.

Approximate delivery

We spare your money and time. We constantly consult and tune the task.


Before we deliver the job, we test the system. It is for you to have the 100% assurance the delivered solution really works.

Project initiation

By a functioning project everything does not end. As your business will grow, we will assist you to find more effective ways and more sophisticated solutions for your needs.

Stay focused on your your business. Let us handle the software development.

What is new?

There is always something new around
Our Pimcore 11 upgrade notes
Our Pimcore 11 upgrade notes

What we learned during upgrading Pimcore 10.x to 11.x

Magento release 2.4.6 - what's new
Magento release 2.4.6 - what's new

New release of Magento 2

Mailhog PHP sendmail path configuration
Mailhog PHP sendmail path configuration

Sending mails from PHP within Docker with Mailhog